Precision Survey Consultancy a journey to find the new horizon in the system of survey since 2004. A few employees and with a few instruments. After 4 years it is going to become a milestone in the way of survey, whether it is the Road or River, Rail or Canal, Mines or Plants with the 60 family members and utilization of modern technologies. As the Quality of work is mature day by day, affects the growing list of prideful clients.
Our group is committed to delivering specialized services, intelligent solutions and logical approaches to effectively assist employer /client in the areas of operational compliance and services reliability as well as support the optimal use of investment across their project.
The combined team consists of building services Engineers, Company Directors, Facilities Managers and Construction Project Managers.
The group can expand and contract to meet customer and project demands via our own internal establishment of dedicated staff.


Our Vision

Survey at optimal quality whether it is Road or river, Rail or Canal, Mines or Plant we are ahead of others. Deserve the best position in view of employees and client not by paper but by successful completion of commitments to client. Drive innovative processes and systems, aided by technology to provide overall clarity in both survey systems and construction Systems including maintenance of plant.

Our Mision

Delivering Quality service to the all STAKEHOLDERS.

Meet the Team

Managing Director> Mr.Swarup Dutta –The chairperson of the company> Having vast experience in survey field. Holding Diploma in Civil engineering certificate from North Calcutta polytechnic college, before that he had completed Survey engineering course from ITI Tollygaunj. Simentanously holding the most precious certification in Hydrographic survey field called “HYPACK” .His one line always inspires the whole team”Selflearing process is a never ending game, learn and play

Our Resources

Backed by a team of experts and diligent personnel in-house, we are engaged in various projects. A sufficient numbers of effective engineers with other dedicated staffs along with modern machineries and updated software are tabulated below:-